Two foreign nationals were arrested on the weekend in connection with a door to door cookware scam. An adult male (seems to be a father and son and could have been either) likely driving a Toyota SUV sold fake goods to a resident claiming that he was “leaving Cape Town” this evening after a cookery trade show and had just made a final delivery to a client in the area. He then offers the pots and knives and crockery at bargain prices out of his car to “get rid of it before his flight”. A resident purchased various goods from him and only after he drove off did they realise the goods were fakes and not what he had advised and shown. A number of cases have now been opened and more are expected. The pair were also here in September 2019 and potential complainants should know that there is no statute of limitations.

SAPS are calling for anyone else that could have been caught us in this scam. If you have been a victim please make contact with Har-Lyn and we will connect you to the SAPS investigating officer.